What I’d Want

September 18, 2010 § Leave a comment

i think what was really interesting last night when i had a late night phone call, was this question posed about the future.

i was asked : So, if there are no limitations. What kind of house would you want to have? What would you have in it?  The only catch is that you have to choose one in Singapore.

So okay. this question is not nearly as interesting or generally attention catching.

But it probably means something to me since one of my bff had a dream about all three of us owning a business together, and having it be so successful that we all owned our own houses.

And since Mel was super caught up with her side of the dream, i decided to think up of my own dream house 😀

So ofcourse, like any typical Singaporean, We all probably wanna live the American dream.

A landed house, probably 2-3 levels.
A garden and a backyard.
a swimming pool, i realised that i’m probably too lazy to maintain it . so . this is off the list.

  • A library.
  • – i love reading. i want a few bookshelves, with alot of the nice books i always read. stuff like Roald Dahl, Enid Blyton, to Sherrilyn Kenyon, Harry Potter, and all the other books i love to read. a comfy couch that is hammock-ish like here and there. and a sound system playing nice music all the time. a small coffee table with two nice garden chairs as well, so i can have tea and read at the same time 🙂

  • A movie/media room.

– surround sound system .
i want it to be filled with beanbag chairs, probably a large hammock and a mini bar at the side.

– a shelf filled with board games. family and adult alike.
(this is a insane attempt in hoping for a social life in the future where my friends would gather with their significant others to my place where we have our crazy nights chillin’ with alcohol and games.)

– another shelf filled with awesome cds ; be it Norah Jones, club mixes etc.
(hopefully by then i’ll be earning a nice amount that i can buy cds instead of downloading them on the internet)

– and of course, what’s a media room without a shelf full of movie dvds and blu-rays? 😀


LIKE. What’s my dream house without it? 😛
pretty self explanatory isn’t it ?
and who knows. if my future husband likes carlsberg. i’ll let him have a walk in freezer too 😛

  • A balcony in every room ! 😀

😀 i just like balconies. idk why. hahahaha

and okay. i wanna see the stars atnight 😀 so my balcony must be super spacey. ;D

so basically that’s what i decide my house should have for now. and this, is only the rooms.

but ofcourse. i know.

Singapore is WAAAAY TOO PRICEY for stuff like tihs.

but ohwell.

guess that’s one more motivation to work hard 😀


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