Desiring Needs.

October 11, 2010 § Leave a comment


  1. A JOB DAMMIT. (i very realistic one. first must get job in order to get money. then can get the rest :D)
  2. Epilater – I AM TIRED OF BUYING VEET LAR D; and i’m getting pissed with underarm hair D:
  3. AN IPOD/ITOUCH. (like. bold. underline and italics, this shows u how much i want it. i’ve been wanting this for awhile, so that i wont have to eat my phone’s battery while listening to music. time to really start saving.)
  4. a brand new harddisk. ( need to store all my movies 😀 and backup pictures and music)
  5. hair straightener AND curler! – need i say more? :S
  6. i want more dresses! ( time to let the feminine part of me roll! )
  7. shoes. i definitely could use more wedges/pumps. (; (again. see above ;D)
  8. a dslr ! ( CANON PRZ. ;D)
  9. and finally a macbook. (ofcourse. feel free to contribute to my savings fund for 8 and 9 at any point of time (; )


TSK. totally need to start in that order.

capping new dresses at ten

and new shoes at five pairs.

then i’ll move on saving for the rest already ;D



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