October 28, 2010 § Leave a comment

It seems like each time i try to put a point across, i get shot at because people think i dont mean what i say and i have some hidden message behind my intended words.

It seems like people always misunderstand my want and need. So i encarta-ed the meanings of it just to make sure i’m on the right page.

Needs : something that ensure i am happy. it is a necessity

Wants : a desire and wish for something

Things like : I WANT AN ITOUCH 4th Gen 32GB! and I need a normal mp3 player that can help me kill time on the bus so that my phone won’t run out of batt from listening to music

Then again. bad example. i dont actually need an mp3 player nowadays. i have books to read. i kill time easily on long journeys.

other times i just sleep.

Or how about : I want a life that i can live comfortably. Where i can depend on my husband to be responsible enough and commited to the family enough to work for th bread and butter of the house.

and I need my husband to not be lazy, to have done the best he can in his life, not have any regrets, be happy with me, and atleast work a decent legal job. so that i wont be the one paying for everything, but the burden can be shared.

I want to live the american dream! a big nice house, two cars, a huge dog, 4 kids and shopping every month etc.

and I need a roof over my head without the worries of my electricity getting cut off any hour now. and i need to live at home with candles on standby at ever drawer.

Lighted up candles ; for a romantic night or out of desperation?

sure its romantic if i have the house filled with candles once in awhile based on romance choice and sake. but not because i have no choice because oh honey~ the bills arent paid because we aren’t earning enough to even survive.

and the standard of living in SG is HIGH.

I want to be a journalist writing for a hotshot paper. the pay’s super high, i get invited to all the high society parties and free food tasting (like the singaporean kiasu-ism in me)

I need a job that can provide for myself and for my family.

I want my dream guy to be nice to me. go out all of his way to make sure i’m okay. dont leave me alone and all that. to be the suave guy who gets along with my friends and family etc.

I need him to love me comfort me and be the best for me as much as he can. To keep to his word.

YES. i have underlined, italized and bolded the whole thing to emphasize that this is what i need most out of anyone who has any sort of relationship with me.

The thing is

I am happy if you can just give me the basic of my needs. The wants if fulfilled are just bonuses. and i can do without bonuses.

Because dreams are wishes your heart makes. in a world where there are no heartaches and fears.

And since in reality there are such things, fulfilling my needs are already a wish come true.


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