Inconsiderately Singaporean

October 30, 2010 § Leave a comment

The world is so self centered and inconsiderate nowadays.

Or maybe its just singapore.

and has anyone ever realised that its ALWAYS the AUNTIES / MIDDLE AGED WOMEN that are the really inconsiderate ones? And they’re the ones you see EVERYWHERE

There are some you attribute it to probably a not so proper upbringing, and the very competitive society. I do think that a small part of them deserves an award and my admiration for being so thickskinned and self centered and so so so so DUMB

Let me explain what happened.


Mel, E and Matthias (LOLSPELLINGPHAIL) and I headed down to Orchard Central to return Mel’s work shirt and to get Yami Yoghurt. and well since it was lunch hour, the place was pretty packed and stuff so we went about scouting for a place to sit down since we were from school and had HEAVYASS BAGS to carry.

we finally found a place but it was for two people only, and we were thinking, hmm, if we can grab the chair beside us because it was only a paper bag ontop, two of us squeeze on another seat (it was like a bench seat) we’ll fit just fine. its not like we’re eating our lunch or anything. it was a yoghurt we were sharing.

so we nicely asked the aunty (who looks educated and damn atas btw) whether we can have the chair her paperbag was on. (which i remember its either nikon or canon. )

and she was all : yea sure okay

so we grab the chair and the moment we put our bags down so we could sit, she exclaimed in a very loud voice : THEN WHERE I PUT MY BAG?!


I wasnt in the mood of playing tit-for-tat because i spotted another table a row beside where there were four seats. But i was really tempted to say that chairs were meant for people to sit and not paper bags.

but i’m honestly amused though on how inconsiderate people can be.

ofcourse if its those kind of auntys at the market i definitely will let it slide after awhile.

but she looked quite atas, properly dressed, proper language spoken and stuff.

If you have the money to learn proper english, why won’t you have the decency to practice proper manners?

I remember when i was overseas, be it Hong Kong, Perth or even Shanghai (YES EVEN PEOPLE IN CHINA HAD BETTER MANNERS, CONTRARY TO THE ONES IN SINGAPORE WHICH I DONT KNOW HOW THEY EVER MADE IT HERE) they queued up at BUS STOPS to go in the bus.

the only time i see people queueing up for buses in singapore is at interchanges, and even there, PEOPLE CUT QUEUE (curse prc people and auntys)

the best part was, a day or two after that whole incident at OC happened,

Elora and I were boarding a bus to causeway point after school and we were standing infront of this aunty who again, took up two seats. One for her fat ass (which i have no complaints about. since an ass is on the seat) and another was for her BAG.

that was when Elora and i had this really loud discussion of how rude and inconsiderate people are by taking two places up for themselves.

Kind of reminded me of the time when a few of my other friends did that. Like when someone did something really inconsiderate, they had a loud discussion on how people has no manners and stuff.

Think i shall do that from now on. Make people feel embarrassed and they’ll stop being so inconsiderate.



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