December 2, 2010 § Leave a comment

I am a beautiful

I am beautiful and wonderfully made

I am beautiful, wonderfully made and single

I am beautiful, wonderfully made, single and will not turn to drinking or smoking to ease my pain.

I can be strong

I can expel negativity out of my system

I will stop doing what’s bad for me

I will now understand that there is no such thing as my whole life to be spent with one person

I will understand that there is no such thing as : love knows no bounds.

I will understand that love is just a fairytale. it doesn’t exist

I know that i’m reading too much fantasy love novels and have fallen in love with beautiful characters that only exist in books.

I will never open myself up like that again

I will never share my most deepest thoughts again

I will never give someone a sharp butcher’s knife to mutilate my heart again.

I will never depend on anyone like this again. especially of the opposite genders

I will understand that all guys can only be my friends;

I am a listener and never to share my most intimate thoughts ever again

I will not stand weak infront of a guy again.

and i will never love like i did again.

And i will let you walk away.

And i will never hold you back.


Ever again.


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