January 12, 2011 § Leave a comment

there’s so much i can say, i want to say and i hope to say.

but after nearly crying today and a talk with my two best friends, i felt alot better.

atleast i can depend on them to tell me what will happen and what is going on.and atleast, to my face, not hiding anything.

I know ultimately the decision lies with me. and life hasn’t been easy for me.

sometimes i wish you weren’t so good to me.

it’d be easier to say no, easier to know whether or not that i still believe in love.

and whether or not i still believe that happiness can be filled with what were my dreams back then, as long as there’s love.

It was only a matter of time
Before I got tired of your ways
I tried to make you fire,
But you were only ice
And you didn’t seem to wanna change

So then I looked at someone new
And he was looking back at me too
Saw that I was hurt
Knew just what to say
Knew just how to push the pain away

You know I need stability
And you know you can’t give it to me

My sun may never rise the way it did with you,
And he may never kiss me the way that you’d do
But at least he makes me feel like a part of his life
At least he doesn’t make me cry
I know I can call him mine

Though when I call him on the phone
I never feel butterflies
I know that I can trust
He’ll always give me love
And I know mine will grow for him in time

He tells me that I’m beautiful
And I never ever heard that from you
He doesn’t cause me pain
Tears falling like the rain
And though I’m still in love with you
You know I need stability

It wasn’t easy letting go but I know that I had to think of the long run and say goodbye
And find someone who appreciates me even though even though…..

My sun may never rise the way it did with you
And he may never ever kiss me the way that you’d do, that you’d do…


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