I got overwhelmed with Sound Design

February 16, 2011 § Leave a comment

so just for the fun of it, i went bloghopping around and found a very very very old friend’s (i’d say five to six years?) blog and facebook!

okay la, by this time you guys already probably think i’m yabbering nonsense so ohwell.

so here’s something i bet we all havent done in a long time when we had blogs. hahahaha

1. my ex is: someone that everyone in my family never failed to remind me was my mistake in letting him go.

2. maybe i should: figure my life out and what should be my next move

3. i love: music, good food and good company

4. i don’t understand: ‘jerks’

5. i lose: all control of my emotions and logic

6. people say i’m: Siren. or hair growing monster. or both.

7. love is: defiled.

8. somewhere, someone is: hating me .

9. i will always: fall in and out of love, and never have learnt my lesson

10. forever is: to my disbelief

11. i never want to: look back , realising i have not changed , learnt and grown

12. i think the current US president: is actually not to my concern for the moment

13. when i wake up in the morning: i check to see what time it is/who’s calling/snooze my alarm.

14. my past was: a guilty mistake that could’ve been avoided

15. i get annoyed when: i’m annoyed.

16. parties are for: getting high, and forgetting who you are , where you come from and what burdens you have for the night and just letting loose

17. my dog is: adorable and only responds to Baby!

18. my cat is: non-existent.

19. kisses are the best when: we both mean it, and we can feel like nothing else matters because we know we’re safe, loved, and happy with each other

20. tomorrow: is thursday,

21. i really want: someone who can tell me what to do. because for once, i want things to go right. i want things to work out.

22. i have low tolerance for people who: are annoying.

okay. back to studying for sound design (;

oh and a happy Belated Valentine’s Day to everyone!


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