Utter insanity

February 22, 2011 § Leave a comment

I’m currently in school, just finished my PD meeting with Jose de Castro and currently awaiting whatever emails i have to get from whichever interview

A little stressed up about everything and worried but i’ll make it through like how i always do right?

So its been about two months going three into the new year, and it has been a really crazy start.

There were so many things that have happened and i’m pretty amazed i made it through okay so far.

So the one good thing that came out from all of my nightmares is that i’m finally attached!

after a crazy year of dating and so much rubbish that is.

There are so many many thoughts in my mind. and the good thing is /drumroll


Its alot easier actually and there are many things i can write on the go too. i wont have to depend on this almost-redundant laptop i have now that is just here to basically last me through the rest of the school year.

Which brings me to realise. MY GOODNESS. I’M IN MY THIRD YEAR ALREADY


okay, so i need to get back to work. hopefully i’ll have enough time to update this again.

maybe do a transfer from whatever i’ve been writing to my laptop, then to wordpress (;

muchandmanyloves (;


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