Your Attitude Determines Your Altitude

March 20, 2011 § Leave a comment

So work has been really crazy,
i’ve been undertaking project after project after project that my only relief is on my ritual monday (which is going to be broken because of OT this week) dinners with my dearest soulmate Eileen and weekends with the boyfriend+recuperating.

I actually spent about two hours at the boyfriend’s place today researching on my motivation quote to share for tomorrow morning’s meeting (not counting the wednesday i think that i was there doing my work as well). my life is really just workworkworkworkwork now that its scary. although i gotta admit that its really fun working there, the jobscope is really cool, and how i’m undertaking quite a few projects. But the workload is really stretching my limits and i’m really amazed at how far i can go, and how much i’ve been taking in.

Life so far has been really good to me. The family has officially met the boyfriend on saturday for an impromptu breakfast at balestier,
been visiting darling Janelle (and trying to go down every week to meet the little precious. plus the boyfriend is getting attached to her. who wouldnt? she’s adorable)
The boyfriend has been spoiling me. treating me like a princess (to as much as i will let him do so), loving me and wanting nothing but the best for me.
The dearest soulmate Eileen and i have been meeting up on a weekly basis to make up for all the lost time and for me to make up for all the rainchecks (though i have to give her one tomorrow because of work D: )
Family has been nicer, we’ve been talking abit more than last year. Parents are trusting me more 🙂

i do wish better for my two (ex? i hope not..) bestfriends. i do miss them. but it’s been getting very busy. i dont even have time to hear myself think nowadays. but to realise that you guys probably dont even give me that little understanding on how busy work has been for me, its getting upsetting. as much as i’m trying to . but sometimes i realise that they pretty much dont want me around anymore. and that i’m not important for them to tell me directly when they’re unhappy with me.
as much as i’m trying to make the time, i guess time isnt with me. neither are opportunities.

Anyway i’m digressing from the header.

Like i said, i spent 2 hours researching on motivation quotes to share in my meeting tomorrow in the morning because we’re all trying out this new culture whereby we share a motivation quote in the morning to try and encourage each other.

2 hours is a LOT of motivation quotes to go through and i have yet to find one that really speaks to me that i can use to apply in work and in my life.
and ofcourse i can’t exactly use the quotes that are the real motivating factors in my life because i have to be sensitive to my colleagues who aren’t believers.

so i took a break. talked a little bit on the phone with the boyfriend before he went off to bed, and started to read up some more. that was probably when i caught sight of my notebook, three years ago.

opening it up to the first page, my handwriting, tiny as it may be, suddenly magnified itself and jumped at me screaming : “Thinking With Excellence”

and i guess that’s when i am reminded by God.
that my attitude determines my altitude.

It all seems to fall in place now.
Just this evening, after dinner with the boyfriend, we were sitting down talking, and he was just sharing with me (after a frustrating period of not being able to find quotes that can motivate me) that how these kind of things dont really work for him because he is quite a happy optimistic person, that his colleagues ask him why is he always so happy.

after catching sight of what i wrote in my notebook, i realised. He has always been quite a positive thinker. its no wonder he’s excelling so much in life now.

He has always have had a good attitude, a kind nature and a positive word with a suggestion on how things can be solved whenever people go to him for help.
How he is motivated to go after his dreams always encourages me
How he dares to dream to live, instead of attempting to live and not dream has brought me hope.

Personally for me, i have seen the change in myself. five years is a huge milestone. And thinking back about it, from the very first day i stepped into church, to the big move to expo, and then now to suntec, the changes that has happened were so much, so significant, so many. and how much i have grown through all that.

how much i have changed in character and attitude, and how much life has gotten better everytime i try to change and improve to be more like Him.

it has been six years since i came back to know Him.
and my changing attitude has been in direct proportion to my increasing altitude.
I know this is not the end. my altitude will be higher than before. and i will definitely learn to grow , hope, have faith and love more.

After all, the greatest of them all , is love.


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