April 19, 2011 § Leave a comment

So during the weekend, i finally got time off from work (NO ACCTS SERVICING, NO EXTRA WRITING! TOTAL FREEDOM!) from the weekends, and to make up for all the quality time i did not spend with the boyfriend, we spent the whole saturday together. Breakfast, caught a movie, high tea, and the rest of the late afternoon lazing around, ending with dinner with him and his sister.
After much delay and postponing and missing out the Gnomeo and Juliet and Black Swan movies, we finally went to catch  one of the movies on our list. Rio!
With all the singing birds, the beautiful  scenery, the party carnivaaal atmosphere captured perfectly in the movie, i honestly can say that i’m even more motivated and tempted to go to Rio De Janeiro! its such a  beautiful lively place. and i definitely wanna go check out the clubs there. /wink
Ofcourse, what makes a movie or a book good, or even a day productive and feeling so fruitful to me is when i learn something. Be it, something new about the past from people i meet, a life lesson or experience shared, a simple quote that one may have heard before but how a person has applied it, or in fact just learning on how one person’s day went and their emotions towards it. So here we go,
Things i learnt from Rio:
  1. The one you grow up with, a.k.a your family, will always love you.
  2. Never give up hope. just because you dont see people caring and loving you, doesn’t mean they don’t. it just takes time for them to get to where you are. and it takes hope and faith to never give up on them.
  3. Sometimes, its what you feel in your heart. Not always about logic.
  4. Losing someone you love is not worth your pride.
  5. Do not say things in the heat of the moment. (or else your loved one might just get towed away by an ugly singing eagle-thingy. )
  7. Love. Never. Fails.

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