The Pre-Graduation syndrome

June 16, 2011 § Leave a comment

Just two months ago, i was so ready and prepared to leave, with the conviction that i never will miss this place.

and now, with today being the last day (currently0043 hours), i suddenly have the very sad, emptiness in me. like i’ve lost something, ever since yesterday afternoon.

With a medium that has always fuelled and helps me channel all my negativity turning into a job during my internship, i realised that this is something i would definitely want to do in the future. along with photography.

but ah. like the feedback given by my boss today. The lack of experience and exposure to the market is going to ensure that i will not survive very long in the Singapore creative industry in content writing.

Well, atleast at the moment, i know i’m not doing horribly bad (considering my boss only ‘okay’ the article and it gets sent to client. i mean. how does one judge your own standard with OKAY?!) especially after today, i am told of my strengths in writing.

i guess the pre-graduation syndrome will go away after i walk out of the office later at two.

for now, i guess all i can do is hope that the friendships made are built to stay, (the more immediate pressing matter on hand is i hope they like what i bought for all of them), and i’ll figure out what to do for the remaining of my holiday reaaaally soon.

bonne nuit~


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