The Vacation of the Future I’d like to live

June 24, 2011 § Leave a comment

Back from an all rejuvenating, shopping therapy. I must say, the life of a tai tai is getting more and more tempting and rejuvenating by every thought of it, and every minute spent revelling in it while i was in bkk.

My typical day in Bangkok consisted of waking up to my bestfriend and cousin being in the same room as me, shopping and conquering two malls a day, struggling to slot in lunch in between because

  1.  there were way too much temptation to just continue to shop

then, dinner at a nice restaurant, with mango sticky rice (REALLY SWEET AND NICE MANGOES), and ending the day with a hairwash in the salon nearby the hotel as well as a good thai massage. (did three in total, a back and neck one, a foot one, and aromatherapy one)

ofcourse, who can  forget that being in the same room with someone as crazy as me, where we basically made up crazy songs while packing, me, sharing clubbing experiences with her, as well as her, sharing her house parties with me (can’t wait to head to a frat party when i visit her next year)

didn’t take much pictures (okay Eileen was right) due to the fact that i went to shop-crazy  also because partly i was worried of bringing my Iphone out, and also because i misplaced the batteries i bought, and total refusal from me/Eileen to buy cheapo ones that don’t really last.

didn’t manage to catch up on my reading on the book darling got me, but i did finish two Dark Hunter books on my phone, so that wasn’t so bad.

SO ANYWAY. enough gabbering, here’s whatever pictures i have took throughout the trip. (not very much though so yeahhhh. heh)

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30 Day challenge : Day 1 🙂

Five ways to win my heart

  1. Has to make me laugh and be comfortable with me.  especially when i’m down, a ton of jokes for conversations. be random, be sensitive in the jokes you make in as well (especially hate sexist and racist jokes). be spontaneous, joke with me, tell me crazy stories about you getting drunk or stuff like that.
  2. Treat me like a princess. Who doesn’t like to be spoilt once in awhile? but ofcourse, know when to stop. i love being spoilt once in awhile, but not all the time. it just makes me feel helpless and think that you take me as a little girl who needs to be spoilt and taken care of all the time
  3. Be a Gentleman. also means, BE PATIENT. i’m not a calm one-mood only person, i’m a hurricane of moods, and i need you to be patient with me and not get upset whenever i happen to have a swing of moods which i try to keep under control. especially when i tell you that i need to be alone for awhile, so that i won’t rant my mood and temper at you, BE PATIENT AND UNDERSTAND. ofcourse, huge plus goes to you if you just give me a huge hug and wait till my mood becomes better. stuff like holding doors open, pulling the chair out for me is another plus, offering to hold the stuff i’m holding (especially if its heavy). buying flowers and chocolates once in awhile is sweet. but don’t overdo it. offer to pick me up if its late, or you know i will be rushing for time. DO NOT MAKE ME LATE FOR MY APPOINTMENTS/DATES that i have with my friends.
  4. Be Honest and tactful with me. Honesty is important. its what keeps a relationship going. the need to talk to each other about anything and everything. i also need to know that i can trust you to tell me when i am wrong. be tactful about it as well. i definitely do not need to hear that i’m having a particularly bad temper when i’m having my pms. i’m a thinker. i over think alot, and i’m very sensitive to your body language and tones of voice.
  5. Be intelligent. not brainiac smart alec with the arrogance, but i need to know that i can have an intellectual conversation without it ending in an argument/fierce debate. i mean those that you can help to lead me in the right direction. the conversations that mentor me, teach me. open my eyes to a different perception.

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