Psychopaths and Stalkers, Heart and Mind Breakers

July 5, 2011 § Leave a comment


Didn’t take pictures, but met up with one of my close and awesome friend yesterday for dinner and dessert was one of the most relaxing and best catch up sessions i had for awhile.

its when something struck me quite interestingly. I’ve always had friends who are proclaimed to be best friends/close friends/forever-there-for-each-other /etc. etc. etc.

its upsetting to know that i meet other groups of people, more regularly than i meet them, and i’m not as close. oh well. i guess things gotta be done. i just wished i knew what.

Its really fun and interesting that i’ve met Ben possibly once every two years, we can talk about anything and everything, it feels like we only met last week, and we are brutally honest and are on the same frequency when it comes to sarcastic jokes.

Its amazing how, despite different social/intellectual worlds we both belong to, we bridged the gap. through, none other than our views of the world, and our experiences with psychopaths, stalkers (or psychopathic stalkers), and how we have insisted that we give each other the title (or as Ben prefers to call himself) the Mind Breaker. which of course, after further justification, agreed to being a heart breaker himself.

Ofcourse, i believe that led to his greeting: ” I know what this looks like. I wasn’t cheating on you last night or even now” when I  first found him waiting by his car with some tiong hovering nearby.

Getting lost and turning many rounds around Woodlands led me to pick up my phone to route him to our destination, leading him to pass a comment that I would make a good wife in the future for not starting an argument  and offering to use GPS to solve our destination location woes.

throughout dinner, we shared our experiences, stories and run-ins with psychopaths and stalkers, and all our ‘theories’ and perceptions of things in the world with and about people.

a really good ketchup i would say.

Can’t wait for September! 🙂


Day 4: Bullet your whole day.

  • Woke up from routine phonecall in the morning by Kian Guan, uttered gibberish as usual through the phone and possibly made him laugh.
  • Went back to sleep
  • Woke up around 12, had Nasi Lemak for brunch
  • Settled down at the TV to watch the last few recorded episodes of House Season 7
  • Got a call from Ben at around 4pm and proceeded to shower and get ready
  • Went through a few outfit changes, eyeliner
  • Headed out to meet Ben at the station where he’d pick me up for dinner
  • Dinner at Nanttuseii for Ramen (about 5+ pm)
  • Finished Dinner and Headed for Dessert and chillin’ plus more catching up ( about 7pm)
  • Navigated to Yishun
  • Bumped into Yi Jing! catch up a bit
  • Went to Starbucks to meet K
  • Went home with Kian Guan to ‘catch’ and attack Riley to put medication on him
  • Showered and continue watching House (about midnight)
  • Ended my day with a phonecall from Kian Guan,
  • dreamland~
There we go, my day in bullets. quite interesting huh. (;

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