Grandeur from small things

July 8, 2011 § Leave a comment

Was reminded yesterday during bible study, to always always always be faithful in the little things, in my tithes.

to be faithful in all things that of which aren’t mine. to be wary of the environment i am in. time for some spring cleaning in my heart…

You are the peace that guards my heart
My help in times of need
You are the one that leads me on
And brings me to my knees

For there I find You waiting
And there I find release
So with all my heart I worship
And unto You I sing

For You alone deserve all glory
For You alone deserve all praise
Father we worship and adore You
Father we long to see Your face

For You alone deserve all glory
For You alone deserve all praise
Father we love You
And we worship You this day



Day 5: Words I want to say to an ex: to the one who has showed me what love is, how beautiful it can be, and what an amazing relationship it has been for almost 2 years.

It has been a great journey, discovering myself. discovering what a relationship actually means.

it was one where i actually thought of a future with, dreaming about weddings, wondering what our future offspring would be like. i learnt about responsibilities. i learnt, what it’s like to listen better, with my heart, and to analyse better. you have taught me much, if not plenty.

You were the one who taught me how to judge others better, how to not take some seriously due to their jealousy. been there for me, and brought me into your world, as i have brought you into mine.

Respected me, taught me how to respect. been the first guy my parents actually liked in all my dating history.


Thank you for all the beautiful memories. materially, you might not have given much, but you loved. thank you, for the beautiful memories as well.

i only wish we could still remain better friends than just a hi-bye with an occasional greeting. you were, after all still the one who has taught me the most, loved me enough to tell me where i went wrong. 谢谢你,CMK.



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