Thing about Arteastiq

July 11, 2011 § Leave a comment

Since Mondays are the boy’s off days, i’m usually spending them with him by default.

So today, the boy was being the usual sweet darling he was, and brought me to Ding Tai Fung to eat xiaolongbaos because i have been craving them for quite awhile, but didnt manage to have them for dinner when i went out with Yuen Mei last week.

Ordered our usual, though without the soup this time (because we forgot about it 0.0) and i realised i haven’t eaten this much in a long time (diet plan success!) because i was struggling to finish my portion.

pictures are with the boy and in my iphone ( which i can’t sync it yet because i’m in the midst of organising my iTunes)

After lunch, i was brought to this quaint little cafe that had a really cute concept. Very quiet, and REALLY nice tea. and oh did i mention? REALLY COMFORTABLE CHAIRS/COUCHES that were IN PINK 😀 .

Going by the name Arteastiq, it really was a very artistically interesting cafe in terms of the concept. The disappointing thing was we had too full a lunch to try out the stuff there, so we both ordered tea; Hawaii Hibiscus for me, Jasmine Tea for him – , and i settled to my book, The Dreamseller, while the boy continued nosing through his book. And we both felt so relaxed and far away from civilisation, that the next time we looked out the window, it was already dark and dinnertime.

as we both retreated back to grab a simple dinner of our favourite frog leg porridge, as we both headed home.

Its amazing how time flies so fast when we’re both together.

in my heart, there’s a picture of us
holdin’ hands, makin’ plans, and its lucky for me you understand (;



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Day 6: your views on mainstream music (i’m sorry for being six days behind time ): )

i think mainstream music is actually really really good music that gets overplayed and overrated.

I used to love music by bands like Secondhand Seranade, FM Static, and all that. but after their songs hit the radio, their fame never lasted long. );

and they stopped producing. so that really sucks.


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