failed. );

July 23, 2011 § Leave a comment

AH so obviously, i failed completing the 30 day challenge ‘cus i haven’t been on the laptop frequent enough to blog everyday. /shrug

been a pretty sweaty day, doing Tammy’s birthday, stomach’s still not too good, and party food wasn’t helping (ALL fried oily stuff. ughhhhhh)

but it was okay, helped with the games abit, then Lionel and I settled to watching episodes and episodes of Who’s Line is it Anyway (times like these i wished i had the harddisk, which i passed to the boy two days ago) on YOUTUBE!

probably laughed like idiots in front of the laptop again. heheh.

okay so i initially wanted to blog about something regarding an area of my life which was about friends, but i decided that its better not to, ‘cus well. its probably too sensitive, and i probably am better off, sharing it with the few people that i can trust to give me good advice/hear me rant and not rat me out.

i’m still getting used to the shocking news about my family, but otherwise its been okay.

life and love with KG has been nothing but awesome. talking about what he wants to do, and what we are planning to do has been brief, and of course i wished we could be more detailed in planning, but ohey, who’s to complain yeah?

Watched a TON of Khloe and Lamar eps today, and very amazed by their marriage and relationship. Praying hard that life will be like theirs in time to come 😀

Day 7: 5 pet peeves.

1. People who try to fake an american accent, but are HORRIBLE in speaking proper English. I understand the western fever and stuff like that but please, get your grammar right. get your spelling right. AND DON’T USE AN AMERICAN ACCENT WITH ALL YOUR LAH LOR LEH SIA. i mean HONESTLY? i’m fine with the having a slight accent and stuff, but please please please please PLEASE do not speak in an American accent with HORRIBLE Singlish. this also INCLUDES WHEN YOU TYPE/WRITE. FOR GOD’S SAKE, ENGLISH IS OUR PRIMARY LANGUAGE HERE. THE LEAST YOU CAN DO IS SPEND THE SIX COMPULSORY YEARS IN PRIMARY SCHOOL LEARNING TO EVEN WRITE PROPERLY.

2. Rudeness. ESPECIALLY obvious in all those shoving/pushing/snapping/selfishness on the public transport. DAMN do not even start me on the train rides during peak hours. ESPECIALLY with a majority of all the stupid foreigners who are FAT and stand in the way of the door, only thinking about going in the train, but not letting anyone out. and mind you. their size is probably 3/4 of the door.

3. Liars. i especially abhor people who lie flat out to me, straight to my face. I admit we’re all not perfect. But what i really get upset about is that i already know something’s wrong (for example, something i might have said or done to accidentally offend), and you lie and tell me that nothing’s wrong and then you go around the back and be hatin’ and shit. daaaaaamn. grow some and tell me. I’m not those hypocrites that say tell me whats wrong, and then i act all ghetto bitchy on you. I mean it when i want my friendships/relationships to be honest. I’m really the sort of girl who wants the full straight out truth.

4. Very horribly spoilt brats. I’m totally fine if you’re still the typical Kardashian/Osbourne celebrity figure. but it’s totally not fine for you to have just about the same living standards, but is totally spoilt and throw the stupidest fits. People who I’ve confided in will know who and what exactly am i talking about. (;

5. Girls with the super high pitched chipmunk voices for prolonged periods (and prolong meaning everytime i see them, THEY REALLY TALK LIKE THAT). i mean. SERIOUSLY? do i even need to explain further?


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