Dinner and a Bus ride

July 28, 2011 § Leave a comment

Had a somewhat of a mini-‘farewell‘ dinner with the boy last night, walked around the bookshop (fell in love with a few, was amused at some), then ended up with a very somewhat out of character spontaneity of a random bus ride to no where.

whatever insecurities i was feeling that night was in such a state of fluctuation. but everything was soon put right with sincerity and heartfelt words.

I think We had the most thoughtless, random conversation with each other last night. about pretty much the same as when we were at sentosa. probably one that i wouldn’t be caught dead talking about.

I had lots of fun last night. It makes me feel that nothing in the world can bring me down. and if there was, I’d have him with me to face it.

‘cus its you and me against the world

Day 8 : What i ate today : Macaroni 😀

P.S. i haven’t left yet but i can’t to be back. Mini makeover, here i comeeeeeeee 😀


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