With Many, Comes Much More.

August 8, 2011 § Leave a comment

I had a pretty power packed weekend, and with sore legs to prove it. What’s more, its gonna get more and more packed for this week!

FOP weekend was spectacular, like a blast to the past and a changed heart. With my faith reaffirmed, and the knowledge of empowerment of Grace.

With many trials, much more comes into place. But that only moulds me better. I’m only happy that the trials that keep happening have finally dwindled. That means i have learnt from my mistakes and am ready to be further moulded.

Hearing what has happened to someone i consider dearly as a friend, I feel sadness. Waking up burdened in my heart, wondering what else can I do to help him. to help her.

Depending on nothing but Your grace.


We all feel alone at one point of our lives. We all feel that we’re all chess pieces that God has placed on a chessboard. Maybe its like a game of wizards chess. We get to make our move, but we’re still being controlled by God. then if thats the case, what is all this talk about free will?

We crush people, we get crushed in the process. We strategise, we get strategised against. We love, we lose and get heartbroken. Its all something that we are familiar with. Problems are never -ending. Emotions have no brains. We are never good enough. We dress to impress, we impress to dress.

We aspire to do things, not because its our passion, but to compete against our ‘enemy’. We lose sight of our dreams because of our pride in wanting to be better than everyone else. We constantly challenge others, when the biggest challenge we face is ourselves.

We aspire to be the top model/celebrity/popular kid in school or work because it seems like everyone loves them. We want many friends, because it makes us seem loved and we feel like mr/ms charismatic. We don’t want many friends because of all the backstabbing that may occur. We want a relationship because we want to feel loved, We don’t want relationships because we open ourselves to a hurt far deeper than we know.

C’est la vie. 

We love anyway, we lose anyway. We try to be nicer, we attempt to be more cheerful. We imitate those we admire, those who seem more contented with life. But we never see the processes of the people we aspire to be more like.

Everyone goes through their fair share of problems, trials and helplessness. Accepting it as it is and moving on has different definitions. There’s accepting it, and understanding what you can or cannot do, then there’s accepting, aspiring to change the world. Then there’s just accepting, and thinking you can do everything and be reckless.

Sometimes we just gottabe less negative, and widen our vision. open our minds, open our hearts. Stop comparing and competing with others when we’re our own obstacles.

With many trials, comes much more trials.
With many chances to do the right thing, comes much more.
With more things challenging faith and our character, comes much more opportunities to continue to trust in God, and more in us to continue to be strong.
With more faith and grace, comes much more power to do things we never thought we could’ve done.

Changing ourselves, one day at a time, with many opportunities, and much more.

God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change,
Courage to change the things I can,
And wisdom to know the difference.

all to just get through life.

with many, comes much more. i guess what i wanna say is that, its never going to end. the neverending problems, or neverending opportunities. however you choose to view it, will decide whether you’re a continual pessimist and always miserable, or whether you live life in contentment and happiness, despite whatever happens.


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