Just the way you are…

August 30, 2011 § Leave a comment

The best part about this really awesome relationship that I have right now is that I really feel like I’m dating my best friend.

  1. Someone who knows when I want my drink even before I give any subtle body actions to express it.
  2. Someone who knows what I’m thinking almost 95% of the time before I even make mention of the topic I want to express about.
  3. Someone who I have been able to tell everything truthfully, with my emotions, with my neutral point of view, and even what I know I did wrong, and know that I’m really still loved and not judged for who I am.
  4. Someone who finishes my sentence before I’m even halfway there.
  5. The only one, who can make me really laugh everything off, after being so upset and angry about a certain situation, and still give me the best advice, hugs and kisses that suddenly turns my world into a much better place.
  6. The only one, who has made me feel like I deserve the best of the world. Who has helped me through my low self-esteem, which was one that nobody has seen.
  7. The only one who has led me to believe that even though the future looks so uncertain to me, I know that because he’s there for me, I know whatever happens along the way, he will be there loving me, holding me up, walking beside me, making sure I don’t even touch the ground when I fall because he is willing to do everything in his power and means to make sure that I will never get bruised.
Its amazing. What alot of my friends have told me so far. It has only been six and a half months into this relationship, but so many have told me that if they didn’t know what has happened to me/the whole full story, they would’ve thought I have been in this since forever.
And I feel it too. I feel like I’ve been blessed with the happiness of an old greying couple, who are still so loving after so many years. And that to me is the rarest treasure I can ever have and experience.
So what if in reality, it has only been six and a half months? To me, it feels like six and a half years.
And so what if it feels like six and a half years? I want this love to be felt for a lifetime. This relationship where everyone will wonder what is so different about us, where everyone will be envious of the acceptance, understanding and how much love we have for each other, that there is no need to consciously remind ourselves to be patient. Because the love that we have for each other is enough to conquer all.
So to my dearest boy, I don’t say it as often as I would like, but…
Baby, thank you for opening my eyes to the realm of fairytales
I believe and trust that even as I stay unguarded towards you,
I know that this faith in you that I have of your love for me
Will always keep me standing strong in love and faith and hope.

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