From the start..

September 2, 2011 § Leave a comment

There always seem to be this unexplainable cheerfulness and smile on your face. And it kind of looks something like this,

And whenever I see you smile, you always make me feel like smiling too.

I guess its true what others say. Sometimes when you live in the moment, you feel like you’re truly happiest then. And you feel like, nothing can bring you down.

And moments whereby you find the need to flirt with me like this:


Just because you want to.  It initially made me feel bewildered. There was no need for you to do that, You’ve already stolen my heart, and kept it stolen. Not like all the other guys who stole it and returned it back to me/allowed me to take it back.

And now? It just brings a smile to my face whenever you do that. That random sms saying ‘I miss you‘ that you send when we’re having our meals together and you’re off to queue for me. When you start teasing me about the little mistakes/Freudian-slips I made, or just basically anything in general..

And this is really the second time I’ve really relinquished all control over it.
Ofcourse, the hugest smile in your life that you’ve been putting on ever since we got to know each other, seems to get wider.


I love you (;


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