What an alcoholic night…

September 2, 2011 § Leave a comment

Well, the good thing is, I finally talked to someone else who isn’t in my usual social circle. Like the typical go to cg for awhile and then suddenly backslide/OR THE BOYFRIEND.

Ah well, atleast I know what I’m supposed to do now, guess i have to wait till Wednesday and see how things go.

Somehow venting doesn’t make me feel any better today. or maybe it did, just a little bit. But it’s kind of so little to the extent that it is nonexistant.


ANYWAY. I have since realised that many people have actually switched from asking me for dinner, to supper and drinks. Isn’t this suppose to be the working adults socialising ? I’m definitely not a working adult yet. ):

AND. There’s this whole tummy i’m getting, i realise not from eating alot, but from alcohol. ); grrrawr!

That along with paying for my insurance. As well as the whole thing about how conversations with my friends no longer are about bitchy classmates or school, but of rising ezlink fares/gst etc. Its getting really depressing.

But nonetheless, a great night with darling, Van, Ken Liew and Ken 😀


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