September 15, 2011 § Leave a comment

“By nature, people are petty and jealous. They envy what they lack and because they don’t know how to acquire something, they try to destroy anyone who has it. Beauty is one of those things they hate most in others.”


What an epiphany. Now i know why i you said the things you did. Luckily, i have real close people i can trust to tell me the truth about me. And also what some had told me before. I matured too fast, skipped a few years of my real age. not to mention countless tests telling me my age is actually 30 -.-


So, life has been interesting. But I won’t speak too much about it because usually when I do, something bad happens and then it isn’t so good anymore. so

cheers . i’m completing my dark-hunter / dream-hunter series. and did i mention how hot Acheron is? 😀

I think I was secretly a greek in my past life. /melts.



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