Glimpsing into a New Semester

September 27, 2011 § Leave a comment

Well, the class list is out, and i’m not exactly hyped out about it. because i didn’t get my elective for one and i need it to graduate! Already emailed my prog chair and hopefully he responds asap before my sem starts so i won’t have to worry about graduating late. IF i do however, i’m quite happy to do so as well. probably take up two or three elects just to boost my grades up and nua for one more sem :X


It’s gonnabe a group of new people, with a few familiar faces, and I kinda didnt get off to a good start with them initially. Hopefully this semester can change things. I know one thing’s for sure though. I definitely could drink all the beers I can get when I meet DT for Mulligan’s anniversary this week. Thank God for freeflow beer/alcohol for the few of us because we’re regulars+made friends with the people there 😀 /cheapo moment

On a sidenote, I feel very blessed to have such a wonderful boyfriend who took the week off to spend it with me! Due to the hectic final semester I’m expected to have, he wanted to ‘give me a little bit of heaven before i step into hell’

Not to mention even though school’s starting on thursday, i’m probably gonna start working reaaaally hard on sunday onwards because I need to get my PD done :S and first things first. I need to start planning what to do on which day. First starting with my website. :S urgh so screwed so screwed ):


OHWELL. Gotta start planning. but first! Enjoy the week i have!
Picnic-ing tomorrow with darling, Qinqin and ah Ben, at Sentosa.


So here we go.


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