Our Five Year Plan

September 27, 2011 § Leave a comment


After that Friday night of everyone sharing their five year plans, darling went ahead to come up with his for our future as well.

Talking about where we were going to stay at, right down to the minute details of how we were going to spend our life each day to be honest, has gotten me very excited. Ofcourse, he’s the one that has planned his life out. I on the other hand am still fumbling around, getting really upset and stressed about how I’m even going to survive the following year ahead.

But deciding what we get to do each year, when exactly are we going to move into our home, (and he’s not really releasing much details on wedding and all that. but s’all good. since the plan’s in two years) is really quite mind blowing and interesting.

This is the first time after so many relationships and broken hearts can I see myself with this man in the future. Spending our lives together, entwined in fates by choice and in love.

Truth be told, I’m really excited. Even more ecstatic when he told me that this is all he’s been thinking about day-by-day.


And even though the cynic in me has tried to hush me a million times, with the photos of how I got each deep ragged scar on my heart, I can truthfully say that I’m ready to spend the rest of my life with him. Even though I’ve only known him for a year, and only been with him for seven months. Because Love has finally shut the Cynic up. There might be glimpses of doubts and pessimism here and there, after all, I’m only human


But if its the first time I can see myself with a guy, longterm, it has to count for something. And I’m ready to take a step into the unknown and do this.


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