Answered Prayers

October 8, 2011 § Leave a comment

It wasn’t until I took the first step in expectation, that I realised how much I could’ve missed out realising and not giving due credit when it was needed.

It was the voice inside that hopes inside my heart every single day. The little voice that has been shushed down and been ignored constantly because of all the past hurts and all hidden scars…

One last try. The 77 day challenge to read up 4 books everyday. And the first day has brought much tears to my eyes. Spending, for a first time in possibly years, 2 hours reading, and being in His presence has brought much tears to my eyes. Much realisation. Much revelations.

I realised, what has always been taught to me in mind, has now come true in the heart.

The smallest cry of my heart a few years ago, of having a Godly boyfriend, who isn’t just a church goer, but someone who loves God as much, if not more than me, of having someone to depend on, lean on, prays for me, and cares for my spiritual being as much as emotional and physical being. Of having Godly friends who encourage me day-by-day to live a better life.

I’ll bring you more than a song… More than a song…


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