The Bystander Effect

October 21, 2011 § Leave a comment

After seeing the news of how the 2 year old China girl got ran over TWICE by a Van and with no bystanders helping at all, it makes me wonder, what in the world is humanity coming to?

The Bystander effect ? Really?

How does one need to identify with a kid? Don’t we all? Weren’t we all kids once?

Are we all so trapped in the notion of minding our own business, earning money for ourselves and MAYBE our families, locked up in our own little world that we fail to see the big world we actually live in?


When we’re all laid bare and reduced to nothing… Do we not even have an ounce of humanity left?

I think it really is upsetting to know of such issues. Which has actually got me wondering, is this the only reported case because it’s on security cameras? Hopefully it’s not, and it’s the only case. But thinking about how cruel the world has been and how everyone is losing their sense of humanity to the notions of being most fashionable or whatsoever… This might be the only reported case.

Can you imagine how many 2 year olds are knocked down vans everyday? ):



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