To the Two Dearest People

October 27, 2011 § 2 Comments

On this very special day, I would want to thank two very important people in my life, who have loved me so much from the very beginning (:

To my dearest Eileen, 

A friendship of so many years since primary school! I want to thank you for being the best girlfriend to count on and talk to despite our busy schedules, you always would make time for me. And how you have been so understanding and always have been the reality check in life for me whenever i make decisions.

Thank you for being my dearest soulmate, you were always able to stand me through all my imperfections and love me still, for who i am (:


For all our milkshakes at macdonalds where we just sat and talked
For all our breakfasts we had
For all our random walks downstairs at night
For being so understanding
For our few sushi dates that rendered us SICK of sashimi. (heheh)
For all our random weekday dates for tea 😀

For all our annual dates on Mid-Autumn festivall

Thank you, i love you my dearest babe for being so wonderful to me (:

Here’s wishing you the best birthday ever, may the whole of your 19 years old be smoothsailing and to finding your future happiness in the year to come! 😀



To my dearest Mr Toh (:

For the eight months that seem like eight years, Thank you for sitting through this very bumpy few months, but we still are so loving and still in our ‘honeymoon’ period that will never falter.

For all the mornings on your offdays that you came over to make breakfast for me,
For the late nights you stayed to play games with me or just talk,
For all the love and care you showered me with that money can never buy and time can never turn back

For the little actions you do that show me you love me

For all the times you took in my rants and gave me the right advices to do the right thing,
For loving me so much that words can never express
For teaching me how to appreciate things in life, and people around me.

Thank you for being such a wonderful person and boyfriend, a confidante, a wonderful friend and a lover.


Happy 24th Birthday! Stay lovely and wonderful and may God bless you so much, but you never lose count of your blessings (:


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