October 28, 2011 § Leave a comment

It’s all about timing

All about sorting out what’s good and what’s not

and finally, all about closure.

A really emotionally, physically and spiritually challenging week.

And I ended the night really well actually.

With so many people showing me so much love at the end of the day (two days actually),

It’s all I really need to get me through. makes it all much bearable.

With a new breakthrough, I’m finally opening up.

Atleast the real story is out in the open now, it’s time to learn a few more lessons in life that I’ve put on hold for a few years. 

It is taking a lot out of me to not retaliate. But it was timely. whatever that has been said yesterday.
Self-control will get me far in life.

With much love and thanks to Van for the Royce chocolates (i’m really getting pampered and spoilt by so many people this year)

the crazy boyfriend who is making it his daily routine to come over every night to play video games with me (YES, we are now attempting to conquer the whole of Skylanders!)

and to Clara and Wilson  for the really wonderful encouraging texts.


and ofcourse, you too J. TY for being the solid rock support in my life.

(and yes, i know i owe people the birthday post of the boyfriend. Wait for me to finish editing the photos and i’ll letchu gaiz know okay! 😀 )


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