Its Your Birthday!! (two days ago. OOPS. hahaha)

October 29, 2011 § Leave a comment

So the lump of us celebrated it early, and it was kind of really tough to plan a birthday + present for the crazy person who has EVERYTHING he could ever want that is within my poor student income.

AND knowing his REFINED need of good delicious food ( as in , food that really tastes good, coffeeshop or restaurants don’t matter) IS getting insanely hard to find nowadays (AFTER FOOD GETS COMPLIMENTED, IT TURNS OUT HORRIBLE AND DE-PROVES D; )

So after much research, I have decided to take the dear boyfriend out to dinner!

So here’s the boy pulling monkey faces at me AS USUAL, it’s amazing how comfortable we are with each other and still blissfully in love despite everything that has happened! 😀 It’s all about the chemistry~ heheh

And the boy with his birthday present!! AND HERE I would like to give manymany thankkiews to Clara for the crazy help she has given me (ALONG WITH MAKING ME GO TO TOWN IN FIVE INCH HEELS AND WE BOTH ENDED UP CABBING BECAUSE WE LACK TRAINING D; HAHAHAHA)

ANYWAY, the boy was madly happy with his birthday present! so all the crazy walking in town (in the five inch heels), planning for quite a bit and ALOT of scrap papers later, his present was born~ hahahaha

Dinner was at Clarke Quay, at Cafe Iguana 😀

Food there was pretty good, service was not bad. Waiters were really friendly 😀

And it was kind of my first time there as well, but there were many reviews that said it was good, and since they served quite a decent options for steak, I decided to give that place a shot. AND THERE WAS NO REGRETS! 😀

Complimentary nachos with AWESOME dip!

Boyfriend enjoying the nachos and posing for me to capture memories 😀
He’s probably thinking : I WANT TO EAT MY NACHOS INSTEAD OF POSING ! D;

ooops. heheh


OH and this my dear friends, is crazy spicy mexican hotsauce. three different levels of hotness!
The green is the spiciest (and most sour) of the lot!!

Traditional Ribeye steak!

And this is my Tequila panned New York Steak !! 😀

Then it was my turn to give the : GRR I WANT TO EAT WHY YOU TAKIN PICTURES OF MEEEEE!

The steaks we both had were awesome, juicy and really really good! Infact, quite comparable to TGIF! 😀

So after dinner, we headed out to take a walk by the river because we were super super full and also because I needed to buy some time for his surprise!

AND it was a success!! 😀

Baby’s ice cream cake from Andersens! 😀 (special thanks to Van who collected it for me!)

OKAY so wordpress has a limit to my photos apparently so this is all i can upload.

Till then, 😀


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