Here’s to finally having a social life with awesome schoolmates AT THE FINAL SEMESTER

November 7, 2011 § Leave a comment

I think it’s epic and depressing that I’m only getting a social life with my schoolmates now,

BUT then again, I haven’t been socialising much after Y1S2; a huge mistake by itself. BUT. Everything’s starting to turn out alright now, so it isn’t THAT bad (;

Meeting up with Bryan and Xiaohui and Nad could’ve been a little more well planned, and we were counting back on how much our group have dwindled. Though I think if most of our group had it their way, we would definitely shrug off the extra commitments and just sit down, have a cuppa and enjoy life instead of slogging it all out.


I’m starting to have a very apathetic view towards certain things I should be worried and over-concerned about. With plans set in mind of studying a little more, for a couple more years, I guess the future isn’t that huge of a thing to worry about yet  (and to be honest, I’m more concern about more pressing matters on hand. ) ‘cus i realise that we don’t always turn out working for what we studied for.


Think for one, I had enough drama in my life to continue in the media line. That’s like twice the exaggeration, triple the lies, and quadruple the bitchiness.  (though i think it will not really end, but aiyah, let me dream kay)


SO Anyway! too much sidetracking. HERE’S WHAT HAPPENS WHEN YOU DUMP BRYAN, NAD AND I AT CITYHALL. (please note, only a few pictures now because I haven’t gotten the rest from Bryan. HEH)


This slideshow requires JavaScript.





Yes, cute the rubbish effects and funny faces. Though I would have to say, one of the lousiest neoprint machines I’ve ever used (a more useless one would be the card ones for $5 and you can’t even decorate the background ! GAH)


Think it’s pretty depressing now that there are only so MANY neoprint machines in SG

BAH. Anyway , Here’s to the start of an awesome social life. And to say goodbye to my liver because apparently now, there are more dates for beer drinking instead of the normal lunch, tea, dinner. :S

(Expenses in comparison, are still about the same. BAHHH MONEY. Need. To. Earn. More. Money!)


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