With You

November 20, 2011 § Leave a comment

I’m not exactly suppose to be blogging right now because I still got unfinished homework, but, I think the past few days deserved a post. 😀


Looking back at the weekend, I think I’ve really been spending money like water :S

Which isn’t a good thing since I’m in an A&B period, and I’ve been initially, very apprehensive in taking taxis and eating whatever I want.

GROWING FAT ALREADY! But also walking alot la, so not that bad!


Had tea on a Friday with Van and the boy (who was clearing his offdays. or leave. whichever that is. HE GETS A TON OF HOLIDAYS I SWEAR) at TCC Somerset (AH LOVE THAT PLACE) It’s like in the middle of the bustling town, but the place is always so serene and nice to chill and talk at! 😀

Had a really nice relaxing lunch and tea after with them, and just joking around. Though Van has already planned my drinks for my birthday (lucky I still have ‘Government’ at home. If not I think I will be made a spectacle that night)

Then headed back to the boy’s place for steamboat dinner with his family! 🙂
Feeling super blessed whenever I have dinner there with them. It’s like the family I’ve always wanted :X Ofcourse, I will never exchange my family for the world! But it would be nice to see them more often, a little more than once in awhile.


Spent this month’s 19th at our favourite steak place, TGI FRIDAYS! And its the first time I finished my 12 oz medium goodness topped with burgundy butter! Pictures to be uploaded soon, because I’m rushing this post a little bit since I’m suppose to be doing homework!


So here’s a big thankyou my dearest,

Time has really flown by! It’s already 9 months! And spending it with you has really been a very blessed relationship, I’m glad that I decided to take this step out to start trusting again, to love and to have faith and hope. God has really been faithful to me, despite all the things I’ve been through in all my different relationships, God has placed you in my life in my darkest moments when I was struggling all alone and couldn’t depend on many people. I could confide in you things that I never told anyone at that point of time (Thankgoodness for that too!)


I’ve never been so comfortable with anyone before.
I never thought I could act silly, be myself, be totally embarrassing, and make all sorts of stupid mistakes I would never catch myself making with you.
I could say what I want, do what I liked and still come back to you, loving me and being there for me.

I know that you will always be there to catch me when I fall. I don’t have to dress up to hear you tell me that I’m the most beautiful girl you’ve ever laid eyes on.
I can joke about ANYTHING with you, be shameless with you, and be insufferable with you(though i think you are more insufferable and annoying than me :P)

I love you. Here’s to the many many more months to come! (:




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