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December 21, 2011 § Leave a comment

I think it’s finally safe to say, I’ve found a a way out in alot of problems that’s been recurring a lot. Thank goodness.

Starting on my latest book, enjoying a cup of tea every evening is one of the habits I have recently picked up again (ofcourse, munching on chocolates. A habit I have no intention of stopping any time soon)

With so much happening with my friends, and family and school recently, I barely had time to keep up and take a breather. (In fact, I’m suppose to be doing work now, but i’m taking a break from photoshop for a little bit)

Have been seeing so many things going on sale (ESPECIALLY SINCE I HEARD IT’S BLACK FRIDAY TODAY) that i’m actually feeling a little crappy because I decided to put my money elsewhere instead of shopping

ATLEAST UNTIL i get a job willing to pay me >$10/hr doing nothing. Highly impossible, unless I marry young and rich.

Looking at my calander, It’s actually gonna be really packed for the next few weeks..


I’m actually done being miserable. I’m also actually very happy I decided to cut the miserable people out of my life and moved on. And from the past few months, I realised how much I’ve achieved by spending the time not being miserable, but spending it having fun with friends, meeting up with alot of people and just spending some me time…

Despite being busier because it’s the final year, I actually have started planning my time alot better (YES. THANK YOU IPHONE CALENDAR. I HAVE FINALLY STARTED USING YOU REGULARLY). Thus having a lot more time to meet people, talk, and even time for the boyfriend, and also myself. In fact, I’m not as burnt out as before! 🙂

But I think, going through this whole thing has made me a really better person.
I mean, sure, I did feel very upset because, not because I had no fault in it, but because they were doing things I really felt shouldn’t have been done.    there was actually alot of emotions and memories I refused to let go off tied to everything that was happening.

But I have had some lessons learnt (and I have editing+read the post over and over again as well because I refuse to do the same thing that has been done before.)

For one, I feel that my mindset has not been totally changed yet because of habit, but by taking deep breaths and thinking twice before posting anything up, I believe I am at least, slowly changing for the better.

Lessons I’ve learnt are:

  • I have learnt that fighting fire with fire just shows people (consciously or subconsciously) that you’re the same as their level.
  • That there is only so much wrong both parties have, until you realise that it’s really the jealousy talking. AND/OR hidden agenda that has yet to be cleared up the past few times that was supposed to be trashed out.  AND BESIDES,To be totally honest, if there were already a few times that by chance there was a scheduled trashing out session and people still hide things from you, who are they to say that the fault still lies with the initial offender?For one, IF the offender was sincere in making things right, but the offended still hid things from them, aren’t they insincere as well in the first place?
  • Misery loves company. Often, you will see one miserable person that seems nice in the beginning. Then you meet their friends. And a lot of times, you will realise that all the miserable people flock together.
  •  there are plenty of people like such in this world. So from the point above, if you meet the people like that, that’s your cue to Run, as fast and as far as you can.Or atleast maintain an emotional wall with them. Or a thicker skin. Totally Not worth getting torn down by such situations.
  • There is no need to plot revenge or such stuff. Because really? It’s super juvenile. It’s so secondary school. We’re all maturing adults. Let Karma take care of it. Besides, there’s no sweeter revenge than showing how much better life has been after cutting such people AND situations out of your life.
  • And finally,

    Haters’ ‘gonna hate.



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