2011: A Year to Remember

January 1, 2012 § Leave a comment

With so much that has happened last year, nothing is better than spending the first day of the new year with Him on a Sunday morning.

I think a lot of us can agree (especially in my circle of friends) that 2011 has been a really challenging year, filled with a lot of new encounters and ordeals. One that has been no less than shitty, but also one that has showed me how much I’ve grown through the many ordeals, faced them bravely and came out wiser, stronger and better.

I’ve lost so much in a year, gain much more. Went through so much trials in terms of family, friends, school, work and relationships.

Looking through my previous… well. everything. Facebook, Blog and Twitter posts, I used to have so much angst and so much anger and hatred.

A Quick Summary of my 2011 would be something like this:

  • Ended a very bad ‘ai mei’ thing (which probably shouldn’t have began. But it’s okay. Thank God for the lessons learnt)
  • Started the year really badly, in tears and in a lot of pain and negativity, as well as a lot of drama
  • I started the best love story of my life in February
  • Started my internship at a copywriting company
  • Internship also marks the start of my final year in RP. SO HURRAY! THIRD YEAR!
  • Got introduced to boyfriend’s family officially after getting together.
  • STARTED PUBBING AND DRINKING ALOT. (this also marks the start of my liver dying)
  • Made a bet with Bryan to wear different outfits/clothes to school everyday (finally lost the bet on the 10th week of school)
  • Went through another huge emotional hurdle, of friendship. Huge drastic changes there.
  • Realised I am actually not blessed with being skinny after all. Put on a whopping 10kg in 4 months 0.0
  • Went to Bangkok with my darling Cassandra and Celeste and the other relatives!! 😀 First trip without my parents (;
  • Started fully accepting what has happened, and started moving on.
  • Went to my first wedding solemnization of my old close friend, Valerie!
  • Started embarking into a better and closer relationship and friendship with W263.
  • Started my Final semester in school
  • Made some major changes to FYP, and now am a 3-womem team.
  • Went on a crazy 2 weeks nonstop of meetings for FYP  daily.
  • Went on a second solemnization of darling’s Erjie’s wedding (:

It was a really emotional roller coaster year, where I have grown so much. A year to remember, where new friendships were forged, old friendships were brought and made stronger, other relationships that was let go off because it’s seasons were over.

Recalling my 2010 resolutions has led me to think that, Wow. There is an awesome God that I’m a daughter of, who listens to the deepest depths of my heart.

I remembered around this time last year, 2010 ended quite badly as well, that I asked God to give me the year I will remember for life, where I will be made so much stronger, so much more graceful and a better person. Looking through all my posts, I have really journeyed through the byways.

In fact, when I was in service this very day, I can’t help but weep when we sang ‘Give Thanks’.

This year was a very trying period. And without the love of God, His constant reminder, and the friends I made, the family He gave me, and the most amazing boyfriend to have loved me, I don’t know how I could go through so much, and yet, still find time to be there for the people I love.

2011 has been crazy, dramatic, and emotionally challenging. It has taught me many many lessons- i can’t stress this part more.

Typing this entry has given me many mixed feelings. It was an amazing year, but I will never want to go through something like this again.

So cheers to a new year, 2012, Here I come!


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