Birthdays and Reunions

January 22, 2012 § Leave a comment

I would have to say that ever since January started, i feel that it should be hectic, but i’m not up to speed yet on how hectic it should be.

It has been a very busy month though. Started the year with a very quiet countdown, having home cooked supper of a ton of really oily and unhealthy food.

Proceeded to spend the first day of the new year with W263 on Sunday morning, to which, they celebrated Merrien’s and my birthday! Feeling so blissful to have spent the new year and my first birthday celebration of the year in His house!


Had a relatively peaceful and quiet birthday celebration this year as well, celebrating it with my dearest loved ones, where the boy surprised me with inviting Eileen to dinner with us, where we headed to Yellow Jello for some drinks after, where i got to try a Rainbow Shot for my birthday, thanks to Van, who marked my birthday an Alcoholic 20th. Pictures are up on  Facebook, but please do not judge me on the drunk look on my face. I only had ONE cocktail and ONE shot. but I looked as though i had been drinking a bottle of alcohol and 20 cans of beer for an hour straight. (Though TBH, if i ever drank that amount, i’d probably be puking and swearing off alcohol. But really. That’s how my face looked -.-)

Went back to school a couple of days later and was pleasantly surprised that my FYP teammates, Min Ming and Jeannie bought a cake for me as well and celebrated my birthday! (: I have such sweet and awesome fyp teammates! (:

I think at how peaceful life has been recently, if I was the old me, I would probably be kicking a fuss on how quiet my birthday has been. But I think i’m still recovering from the drama, that has led me to actually enjoy my birthday with the handful of people this year.


Spent the reunion dinner with my Fam at Captain’s Table again, the food has deprived drastically ):
But most importantly was that the dinner this year was better-spent because there wasn’t subtle remarks on how we like to chew each other’s heads off. I’m glad that the family relationship is improving, finally after all these years.


This year’s reunion dinner has got me thinking of how much the family has gone through together. Sure I may get upset sometimes with my crazy menopausal mom. my really hot-tempered father, my couldn’t care-less brothers, and a whiney sister, and the most over-worrying auntie (who is actually our maid, but she has looked after me since before i was born and she is just like our family) I can say that we are the mod mismatched family ever. But hey. I love them crazily, and I would be nothing without them.

I love this family to bits. And this would be the last reunion dinner I’m having with them as a complete family. Aunty’s going back in April and I have a really huge tendency to go up to the Istana, kidnap the president and demand a full singapore citizenship for her so that she can stay, ):


I guess turning 20 has brought about a very new change in my life. Growing a lot in not just the waistline, but in terms of heart, emotions, and soul.

I’m still trying to get used to it. No doubt have I grown to learn to overlook more, to be more generous, learnt how to better-manage my friendships, I realized I have also grown to be more protective in aspects I never expected. Short-tempered even. But I have a feeling that it’s the stress talking. And the lack of a regular cycle for almost a year also, i believe has a part to play.


But none of this emotional bullshit on CNY.

It’s like a second chance to make my New Year Resolutions. And judging by how my ‘flower luck’ this year isn’t good, I guess its one less problem for me this year 😉




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