Motivations and Life long goals

February 9, 2012 § Leave a comment

We’re all human beings. We’re all imperfect.

We all have goals we make, and fail to accomplish along the way. whether is it because we got distracted, certain situations disallow us to continue on our path, being not good enough, or simply, finding out something else and diverting our attention away to another greener field.


Whatever it was, I know that my ideal career has shifted many paths, taken many twists and turns, and actually changed a few times because of bad choices that led to horrible study decisions. I know that one of the biggest regrets i had, was not being able to take biology in secondary school.


But I realized that no matter how much my career path has shifted, (from wanting to be a doctor at the hospital operating, to social counsellor, to a psychiatrist, then psychoanalyst, and now currently looking at another path i don’t wish to mention yet) my motivation for these careers hasn’t change. I still want to be able to help.


And then I look back at my journal entries, and long talks i have with Eileen, or Clara, or other friends. I realize the type of guy i’m looking for, or the future i want to have, hasn’t change either. Doesn’t mean I didn’t make stupid mistakes along the way by dating jerks, or making wrong moves in friends or school.


I guess, I’m just really amazed. Goals may change. Outcomes may change. Despite all circumstances, I guess one thing that can never change is passion. And no matter where i go or what i do, i am still brought back to the same place.


thinking about this as i type this post out… maybe this is the calling i have searched, yearned and definitely prayed a lot for.


Well, here is cheers to fulfilling goals. my 20th year on earth is going to be a huge change. Because i’m finally gonna be graduating from school. I’m considering university definitely, but the boyfriend has told me he hopes and can’t wait to see me in this new job that I just somewhat applied for. and to be honest, I can’t wait either. If i do, I will definitely put uni on hold for at least a year.


But this is finally graduating from full time school, to full time work (at least for the next few months).

and here’s to the lifelong motivation i hope and yearn to fulfill, or at least be on my way to fulfilling. 🙂


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