Be My Valentine? *2012 edition

February 14, 2012 § Leave a comment

By pure accident, the boy and I celebrated Valentine’s day twice. But i quite like the 2nd time we went out for dinner. There was no rush, or heavy laptops to carry, and it wasn’t a particularly tiring day like it was on Sunday.

On Sunday,

Got surprised in the morning when the boy appeared with a beautiful bouquet of roses and baby breaths. That was totally unexpected because, well. I think he has already spent more than a lot on me.

We went for service and then I headed off to Scape* for the final day of my showcase in the afternoon. But i’ll leave that for another post 🙂

AND THEN, The boy waited patiently for me to finish my showcase, before we headed for..:

SUSHI TEI @Takashimaya FOR DINNER!! 😀
Can finally satisfy my tuna sashimi cravings~ 😀 😀

Was too hungry so i didn’t bother snapping pictures :X ooops.

After dinner, we headed down for a nice walk and ended our day with a nice cuppa tea  like how we usually spend our weekends (although it’s usually ending the night with a pint of Erdinger for him, and a nice martini). (:

Our second somewhat celebration was when I wanted to head down to Vivo, and check out the Page One sale (the queue is crazy. please don’t go. almost all the good books are already snatched up. and queue time is a minimum of 1 hour)

so the boy decided we should go and have another nice and more relaxed dinner at KingLouis where the FOOD IS TO DIE FOR.

Behold! Thy Dish Shalt Be Named : QUEEN ISABELLE!

It was waaaaaay too much for me and KG. Because under that array of meat, there was A TON OF POTATOES.*cue boyfriend teasing me for eating too much potatoes / kantang again (in Singapore, there’s a phrase for chinese people who can’t speak proper chinese. We say that they jiak kantang (eat potato) . )

Had premium white wine, to accompany the meal, and i realized my intolerance for wine. got pretty… liberal with my happiness. but i was still rational. i assure you.

But Valentine’s Day to be honest, is just another excuse for many to treat the person better than they should’ve. A day where you purposely dress up and for once, bring your special someone to a nice fancy restaurant, or be nice, and open the door, pull out the chair for the lady.

AND. A commercialized profit-making day for many when guys go out of their ways to buy HUGEASS bears and bouquets of roses and such.

And i used to be in that category where I feel that Vday should be as such. Where you gift each other gifts, treat the person extra nice, and not bite each other’s heads off for once.

But for the first time that i’m in a relationship, I feel that everyday is Valentine’s Day.
With a wonderful lover who showers me with care and love everyday, Valentine’s Day is just an excuse for the both of us to spend more time with each other (even though it isn’t really true. we have our date nights that are almost the same as our VDAY date).

It’s a few more days to our anniversary. I hope he will like what I’m preparing 😉


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