372 Days of Love (and counting!!!) <3

February 25, 2012 § Leave a comment

It has been an amazing year of love.

You never fail to constantly remind me how lucky I am to have such a wonderful boyfriend like you.


We kindda celebrated VDAY twice, so because of THAT, and the groans of my weighing scale, we didn’t go out for dinner that day. (ALSO because i was superbly exhausted)

Wanted to go to the Titanic exhibition that day at MBS, but the boy was recovering from a long exhausting working week, and I was also recovering from exhaustion that we ended up going home early and spent the rest of the day just lazing around at home. (:

I think he intrigues me sometimes.

Especially when it comes to his influential power.
For some reason, he got me interested in ANIME now. As well as video games. And computer games. Which I have to say is really really RARE.

I was never the sort of girl who go for these.

And in return?

He told me that he wanted to try and go for dance classes with me once his workload gets lesser ( which is always this period of the year) because he knew how much it means to me, and how sad i’d get whenever I think of the past when I used to dance.

And all this is in spite of your injuries on his knees and legs that makes me wonder sometimes if you really need a specialist :X


Darling, it’s been amazing with you,
I feel like I have no need to pretend or be strong in front of you (:

You get along so well with my friends,
You try so hard to make me a part of your life, introducing me to your friends.

You always ensure that you have time for me.

AAAAND. Ok la, whatever I want to tell you, you already know . Because you know I love you, and you never fail to tell me what makes me, and us, so special every single day.

Main point is, I love you. I always have, and always will (:

Can’t help but feel that the boy looks like a mat rep here. hahahaha doesn’t he look like one?! 😛

AND just felt like putting that picture up cus i came across it while searching for photos to upload and there was this HUGE COMPULSION to put it up. HEH 😀 ❤ you darlinggggg


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