Training to be a saint.

November 16, 2012 § Leave a comment

With Air Supply in the background, i’m sitting in my class slogging at work. Well not technically slogging, but because i’m feeling so sick now, slogging seems the be the best term to use while refilling my water bottle feels like such a chore.

Its been about 5 months since i started work. Giving up my weekends is no easy feat. Giving up my nightlife is even harder.
But giving them up for such a fulfilling job, its actually doing much moulding to me.
I actually feel that this is the right place for me to be at, right now. Even if that means no more sunday mornings. then again, means no more seeing you too. Which im pretty sure is an added awesome bonus

I am transitioning pretty well though for those who are still checking back here once in awhile. But i never thought i’d see the day that i’d look forward to goin home the moment clock strikes 6. (Earlier curfew than Cinderella! 😲)

Family.. Well folks are heading to Europe next week, WITHOUT ME. So i wont say anymore. 😓

Boyfriend has transferred to a new section, so he is working mostly nightshifts, but he has been nothing but supportive on days i just get too tired to even go out and meet him. Thank you dear. (:

I have never been happier, teaching and watching my 1 and 2 yr olds grow throughout the weeks (who knew such a short time can make such a huge difference?!) and i am so close to succumbing to much parental instincts that are raging storms in me now.

Alas, much moulding has been done to my soul and character. Never have i felt myself so patient in my life. The hardest training undergone was to never say no during work (well atleast while teaching).

But I’m happy. I’m Achieving my life goals. Which is to work a fulfilling job, that teaches much lifeskills. And ofcourse, surprising most of my friends along the way of picking such a career choice (by the way, those who have betted against me, be prepared to receive my shopping bill next month! :p)

Alas, the training to be a teacher, has also trained me to start having patience as that of a saint.

Well, just felt like blogging today because i just took some meds and i’m feeling extremely sluggish and do not trust myself with the penknife to do crafts.

But there are some extremely hyperactive kids running around now and I really should get back to work. Till next time wordpress. I’ll see you !

But before that, i’m leaving u a picture of one of my favourite students (;




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