Always living like this, keeping it comfortable

November 18, 2012 § Leave a comment

Happiness is at a point of time when you realise the true love people have for you, and you, for others.

When you take the weeks to plan and organise a gathering time perfect for all or most people who take the time out of their busy schedules to meet up for a yearly ritual of christmas coffee

Or when they give you their ciggarettes without thinking twice. And only asking for a ‘spark’ of fire to light theirs up at the next meetup.

The amazing sense of how comfortable we really are with each other when we really just tell each other our recent barenaked stories without a hint of blush.

Or how we can walk mrt stations away and just talk about life while actually we are being dragged from stores to look at random clothes, while mulling over this seemingly natural need to give in to our innate parental instincts to get kids because the kids collection this season is just oh-so-adorable.

Or how we plan for our next quarter year outing to fly overseas to bkk just for the weekend to chill ‘cus, and i quote,” Chillin at Orchard Road is too mainstream now.”

And, how we can just ask/give each other fierce long hugs the moment we meet/when we are leaving for the night, and have awkward group hugs that we still have anyway.

I’m being surrounded by the best love in the world. Where I can be myself and not get judged for being simply, just too adorable. :p





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