Growing Older

November 28, 2012 § Leave a comment

Two weeks have passed since i last blogged. Atleast i’m here now tryin my darndest to make it regular 😉
Especially since my discovery of the free wordpress app.

Folks left for Europe and the house feels so empty with only my babies in the house.
The boy has taken to staying late till i fall asleep so that i dont feel so lonely.

I guess the true mark of me growing up has just had another thing added to the list.

It’s not just because i have my own credit cards and debit cards,
Not just because i pay my own bills,
Not just because i have a full time job
Not just because i pay and signed up for my own insurances now (on top of the ones my parents got for me)
Not because i now have a share in family dinners and lunches, and plan them too

But also because they start leaving me at home while they go overseas too.

Sigh. Growing up sucks. Times like these i wish i took up my college offers and studied instead of coming out to work first.

I still wish for next year to come quickly though. Besides
I have almost fulfilled what i wanted to do before i turn 21.

Almost , only because i made some decisions to fulfill them in another year.

Besides i think my life has been a very busy, well spent and fulfilled year compared to a lot of other 20 year olds. (:


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