A Constant, Fleeting Need…

November 29, 2012 § Leave a comment

Looking back at how the year has been, it’s nice to see the huge changes that I’ve made in my life, whether it was because of situation or of choice, i’m glad to see myself at where I am now.

Accomplishing so much that I never thought would be possible in a year, be it major or minor decisions, all of it was life changing and amazing.

Thank God for the change in friends, for those who came and gone,
And for those who stayed, Thank You.

For the change in understanding,
For the change of maturity and love
For the compromises we made for each other, especially made for me because of my odd working days.

For the change in how our conversations matured together,
For the changing to be less defensive and to be more comfortable in countless topics with each other.

Thank you all for being still, so loving towards me, and going through my misfits and mischief of that, a 20 year old should stop having by now.

We have all matured and changed so much, and i am thankful for the people who stayed and grew up with me.

And for the people who left?
Thank you for leaving a footprint in my life. I’m glad some of you have changed for the better and are living your life happily now.

And for those who didnt change and thought that walking away from me and my deepest hour of need?
I don’t wish you harm, neither do i wish you well.
Thank you for teaching me that you were never people to depend on. That i can be stronger without you, and that I am strong enough to stand up and walk away too. I am no longer angry or upset that things gone to ashes. Although i miss the good times, i will not blame myself any longer.

It’s good to know that I’ve changed. Alot, and for the better. And good to know that some things and people don’t. And that is worse.

Change has always been a constant.
And im thankful for it.
Especially this year, when i made (and am continuing to make) big decisions for my life.

And i love it. Thank you 2012, you’ve been nothing but good to me. (:



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