Milestones, Drinks and Balloons

January 8, 2013 § Leave a comment

Another year has passed and I have crossed a significant milestone in my life and everyone who i love and loves me were going through so much trouble to mark this milestone with me.

Despite loving that childish excitement when people do get me gifts (which hardly happens because my birthday is so near christmas) , I have reached a point in life where i feel that gifts aren’t really that important anymore ( doesn’t mean i don’t want ah. feel free to give me ok. HAHAHA).

I have reached a point in life where I was more happy to see people going through so much effort celebrate my birthday with me. Be it planning and spending so much time and money, coordinating people + guest list for people to come, taking photos/being the photographer with all your crazy professional lighting set up, or people who rush down on a work night to just say hi and have a quick dinner and catch up, or even just remembering to send me a happy birthday message.

And I was a lot happier to see all my friends, people who i’ve not seen in awhile, or people that i have not had the time to meet up with because of my current job.

With all the balloons and laughter, dinner and chatter, I really had a very amazing birthday celebration, thanks to my dearest boyfriend being the planner and coordinator, and all the other organizers who helped out.

A big thank you to my dear organizers for making this party a huge success (especially for all those who struggled hard to keep it a secret) , and everyone for dropping by (:

big love to Eileen, Van, ahKen, Wilson, Becca and Clara for helping out with the party (:

As usual, such a big milestone to mark but i don’t have the photos. HAHAHA
will hopefully upload them soon 😛




My Birthday Party



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