Pursuit of Happiness

August 9, 2014 § Leave a comment

Happiness is a journey, a neverending one. 

That’s what all the quotes say. But over the past few months, after embarking on the happiness challenge, I realised. Happiness can always be found when you choose to see it. 

Doing a mid-year stock-take, I have grown to love myself more, to live a little better ; to treasure the people around me and open my eyes wider to that which is of the world. 

I have grown to be a little wiser, a little better. and of course, I’m still learning. 

The whole week has been very trying for me. Trying to rehome Lovey, rushing for my classes, running from place to place. But what has touched me so much was the amount of kind words I’ve received from people I least expect it. 

From sengy’s mum, thank you. it may seem like nothing to you, but those kind words and that one sentence have touched me so much and showed how much you trust me. For that , i am truly grateful. 
Papa Chendrew, thank you for all your kind words, helpful advice and support. Thank you for telling me what the people at WM and FK think of me, and especially the customers and friends I have met over there, have all shared such wonderful things that you have shared so much with me. I have learnt so much from you as well. 
From Joanne, thank you for always teaching me in ways you know how, you seem more like a sister to me than just my ex-student’s mum or a friend. And also for showing me how much love a person can have. And also for letting me know when Jayden asks for me or how often or what he says. I really really appreciate it and you don’t know how much it touches me to hear when he asks for me or when I ring the bell and hear him excitedly running to the door and asking for me. It is what truly makes my week better. 


Teaching and sharing has brought so much joy into my life. Truly this year is the best year yet. It may have started rocky, but it sure is turning out for the best. 

I have love from so many people, from the best people in the world that I will never trade away for even if it means my life. 

Thank God for challenges. They make me so much stronger. and thank God for showing me that my back can carry the load, but God, you are always willing to send the beautiful angels in my life in to share my burden. 


There’s no need to pursue happiness. Happiness is right here. In the now. As long as I remember to look. 


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