Your love, will heal the pain I suffered…

September 14, 2014 § Leave a comment

Talking to you never fails to put things into perspective…

We both go through our own fair share of problems. I’m sorry for not being a good friend to you over the past few months when you were nothing but kind, loving and being a big brother to me. From helping me to plan my trip in Taiwan, making sure that you got your Xiaowei to bring me to where I want to go when i was there, to meeting me for coffee at nights and late night phone calls (though there were a few times you were drunk and pissed me off to no end at 3am)

But your story, no matter how fucked up it seems, is giving me a glimmer of hope. A glimmer that two people who really love each other, will find their way back somehow to be together, No matter how difficult.

Both of you might not know it yet. If not, I maybe deluded, but i choose to believe otherwise.

But something struck me while talking to you.

People have broken relationships, really is because we tend to keep our true feelings to ourselves, just so we can protect the ones we love. Sometimes, it is true that there are things better left unsaid. But ultimately, emotions must always be communicated.


As you hold my hand,
You whispered words,
We hugged each other tight 
As you lay me down to sleep
My brain tells me to run through the night
My heart tells me that this is alright. 
But what we have, let’s live for tonight. 


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