All you Need to Know

22 Years Old as of 8th January 2014
God’s Little Girl
A Performer/ESFP
An Aspiring Writer.
On a Journey to discover and uncover my potential and what I want to achieve.
Easily distracted most the time, and described to be a hyperactive bullet of energy, I try to live life the best way that I can.
I succeed most the time, because when I look back on the decisions I made, I have brought my regrets to a minimum.
Life’s too short for avoidable regrets.
A Lover, and a Fighter. 
I believe strongly in Love and Love makes the world go round. I believe in fighting for happiness. For peace and for Love. I fight to stand up for what is right. I fight to love and be loved. I fight for my happiness. And no matter how tough things get, I fight… to get back up again.
People know me as : A Chocolate Addict, A Shoppaholic. A Hair-Growing Monster and a Bookworm.
I’m a true blue romantic. I dream of fairytale weddings, and a novel-like love story. An unexplainable passion and lust for all things Greek even though I find their Greek Gods lineage highly confusing at some point. I also enjoy the ancient Roman and Celtic history.
I Dream, I Envision, I Confess.
I believe nothing’s too hard as long as I set my mind to it. And I’m learning to find ways around my situations, to achieve my dream.
Enjoying little things in life include: High Tea on a normal afternoon, hanging out with friends, keeping in touch with them all, attaining the highest level of couch potato-ness during the holidays.
Eating good food (doesn’t have to be expensive), spending the evening enjoying good music with drinks, Photography and Dancing.
Currently: Working

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